j. alice. (enamored) wrote,
j. alice.

summer to-do list

> draw SOMETHING every day. with charcoal preferably. also using models would be fantastic
> finish reading Film Art and Kurosawa books, to prepare for IAPC
> take lots of photos. you bought a fancy looking camera that never gets used and it makes you look like a douchebag so fucking use it
> write IAPC :(
> join obama's campaign if he becomes the next democratic candidate... move to england if he doesnt
> write in a journal at least once or twice a week hopefully not this one
> make a lot of money by selling people hand lotion they dont need and exfoliators they do need
> go to siren fest?
> go to the gym and sleep regularish hours

******* Finish your existentialism readings, and the lectures. they are the shit.
******* Watch Seventh Seal, 8 1/2, and every other damn movie on your list there are so many, so dont waste your time watching Clueless when its on TV for the millionth time no matter how fucking brilliant Clueless is... the ring-a-ding kid

maybe try and tackle Goedel, Escher, Bach again
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