j. alice. (enamored) wrote,
j. alice.

children waiting for the day they feel good

Is it so wrong to be in love with a city? Everytime I come home I wonder for days how I am ever going to live without New York City.
I loved getting to share it with my favorite people in the world; melissa and erin. It was the best birthday ever! The room we stayed in was a penthouse with a king-sized bed and egyptian cotton sheets, and we walked around time square (my favourite place on earth at night), and my dad surprised us by buying tickets... to The Producers!! which I've wanted to see for years. I've never seen so many swastica's in a concentrated area before, it was hilarious. It was just a great new-yorky weekend; walking around the famous places and going to the metropolitan museum of art and eating at delis.

so i am 18... porn and cigarettes for everyone!
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